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Yang Lele 350000 dress near the body of like queen assistant help shoes were major suit _ China Yout

"you still recognize me?"In January 18th, Yang Lele wore a studded with Rhinestones white dress debut in Hunan as "one's whole life Carnival beauty Carnival" recording the scene.In the finale show, Yang Lele and Zhu Dan, Liu Yan and Yuan Shanshan together incarnations of Lady group over days, wearing haute couture clothing.According to the director of the group said, several hostess dress is tailored in Vancouver, and was completed in two months, "we are all based on the host body design celebrity dresses 2013."It is reported, the Yang Lele on this dress is the most expensive, costing 350000.Because of other special, Yang Lele smiled to the reporter "complain": "walk hard, but we also would like to wear every day so gorgeous."Just five minutes of the opening show record repeatedly several times, let a few of the hostess to toss about.Yang Lele in particular, whether clothes or hair are rather complicated, let alone walk with long skirt, transcribes finished can only change a shoe with the help of an assistant.(reporter Liu Huiling)