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the warm sun poked his head out

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      sun still ruthless covered every inch of land of the city of Zhuzhou, seems intent on the street all tanned black yellow.In the blue sky, waving a piece of beautiful white clouds, close your eyes, put the Buddha see green sea, revolving around a few small gull.
      seagulls often with envious eyes staring at the clouds Maillot de foot St.Paulo, an unknown passion from their hearts welled up, how many times they regardless of life and death into monstrous waves, how many times, they threw rocks, many times, they were drowned in the sea, how many the scars of Tao imprint is engraved on my heart sacs ysl pas cher.

      people who seem to work busy, they have been quietly to struggle in the Baiyun company efforts, numerous times to look up at the sky, white clouds in the sky reflected why can wanton roam, looked up to many years of struggle to pay the clouds Survêtements de formation Football pas cher, white clouds and common experience of a time and time again the glory chemise gucci pas cher.Occasionally heard around the passers-by to praise some clouds, my heart very proud, proud.

      some people will say, these gulls is probably hungry for food, do not even have a life.Also someone says, these gulls really stupid, why in the wind to fly Montres Christian Audigier.In fact, who also don't understand these gulls character, they never go excused himself for being misunderstood, who also won't understand, these waves in life with special bucket gulls, they have been ideal struggle to realize their life value goal.

      wind came, they barred the use of rigid wings; the storm came, the rain beating on their plump feathers, into a trickle; lightning came, they not hesitate to faster than electricity from.Finally, the warm sun poked his head out perruque disco, the gentle breeze hand, seagulls came to the blue sky, white clouds came to the side, their mood is like the sunshine and breeze so happy.They looked down on that piece of his conquest of the vast sea, they feel the pride of a warrior.

      it is the persistent in the blue sky, blue sky, blue sky are struggling to pay for the gulls, with their constant firm, soar to great heights in between the blue sky and sea, despite the wind and rain, defying waves, fearless, afraid of hard scars, white clouds in the sky travel was extremely beautiful, a dazzling.As more powerful enterprise clouds, they decided to support the familiar faces, the strong "seagull".

      the sun from the horizon secretly raised his head, the sky is still so clear, that day on the fly is not white, the sea gull.





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