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Group of Chinese soldiers on the ground will be a great loss oakley shades singapore as a senior Air Force pilot, Yang Lin understand the destructive power of the Stuka, we can say that the German blitz half of the credit belongs to the Stuka, United Kingdom The majority of the Expeditionary Force were killed tanks are Stuka wreck, which the soldiers of the Expeditionary Force had to block the German steel torrent with flesh and blood. Weng ~ ~ ~ ~ high-speed air flow through the air intake issued a tragic scream, it is the Stuka unique sound, on the western front, the Stuka was referred to as long-range artillery in the air, dive angle can be reached 80 degrees, the airborne computing device can automatically calculate the best time to pull up its rugged body can withstand the force generated by the sharp dive.

Yang Lin even heard the sound of the fuselage skin was torn by the high-speed airflow terrorist. Fast, fast, faster, see, see, God, give oakley shades sulit a little time, a little bit! Yang Lin riveted to the front of the crazy dive Stuka, it is clear that the German Stuka pilot is also found trailing Hurricane oakley shades with mp3 is to fight the use of the Stuka dive advantages caused the collapse of Hurricane. Second, two seconds, three seconds, near, near,ray ban rb 3183, near! At this time,ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses, Yang Lin seems to have with the love machine trembling, high-speed dive almost to the hurricane tear, even in this high-speed dive and can keep the body is not the disintegration of fate, it is difficult to fall to the ground.

German Stuka pilot despair severely aircraft pull up a huge stress will pull the body into pieces, coming together with the hurricane comes along, volley explosion, witnessed this tragic moment, the British, including air range Datong and Red Arrow soldiers were all shocked, and does not reflect the long time to come. Two low-speed trailing wingman sobbed to slow from flying over the point of explosion, the German anti-aircraft guns stopped firing surprisingly,ray ban aviator price My life and other people ray, despite the oakley shades with mp3 to and fro in search of looking for.