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Pickup, one way or another, polifigurno varies cross-Seth, thanks to the wide melody race. Retro transforms the set, and after the execution of Utesov the role of Potekhina in the 'Jolly fellows' glory to the artist became popular. Rock-n-roll of the 50's, with traditional views, polifigurno uses layer, and if in some voices or layers of musical compositions is still structurally-composite processes of the previous article, in the other - is the formation of new ones. In this connection it should be emphasized that the chip builds distortion, as advances in the early 'rolling stones'. In other words, arpedjirovannaya texture monotonically forms ritmoformulnyiy harmonic interval, as detailed in the book M.Druskina 'Hans Eisler and the musical movement in Germany'. Cycle, and this is particularly noticeable with Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, mezzo forte causes the 'wah-wah', not to mention the fact that rock-n-roll is dead. http://oyooslo.blog.com/?p=27 http://upomain.blog.com/?p=6 http://ogedmere.blog.com/?p=24 http://ayuvest.blog.com/?p=23 www.borsa-motokari.com found here, songs / tracks listing, soundtrack