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B9 M7 E): D; P; |6 v: M; @3 y [profiteers] Chengdu Green House Road 2 No. 2 of wealth and a negative on the first floor of Carrefour

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3, our family cat has done all kinds of quarantine, quarantine certificate, would go to the pet hospital inspection regularly, the stomach was never in question!

(R1/ H2 Q (S2 O4, as we all know, eat bad things, may cause diarrhea and things like that, in the short term, should not cause the body particularly great, but in the long term?If you get a bad things, and eat, just give me the deterioration of the goods, you be the judge, can you accept?8 U8 I2 F3 J) V; _

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'M2 X; L' - ^ (H4 {. l hope netizens support, hope of West China city network can help me solve the problem: B& C7 "X8 V, O3 I2 r/ B+ {

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