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once I stepped out of the go abroad in a foreign country

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today is a night of ordinary, ordinary cannot ordinary in a night, and the previous night doing the same thing converse deutschland, surfing the Internet, listening to music, watch TV, but there is a thing that is opened fan....

Internet TV boring boring, mixed with a trace of sadness. Computer hard disk repeated step by step opening, exit,... A few photos of the sea saw suddenly inadvertently, a careful look at the original August date is 2006 and September.. abroad so many years, I was looking for not to a photo of yourself, only, only, only these 4 photos of Zhang Dahai.. really failed, failed.....

mind the sea, the sea wind, mixed with sea smell, delicious BBQ, pizza, bread, drinks, juice drinks....., foreign, foreign, many people yearn for and the dream of the place, but I very close but far away, yes, once I stepped out of the go abroad in a foreign country, want to all dare not to imagine that I would go abroad, hey christian louboutin over the knee boots, now think abroad really not far away, at your fingertips.,


in the twinkling of an eye, go abroad from 04 years, at BeiJing Capital Airport. The moment, foreign, domestic, foreign, domestic shoes by christian louboutin, foreign, domestic, until 2009 to complete and stable life, no longer wandering pauls smith bags, 7 years time transient, material, aura, praise, applause, lonely, lonely..... Hey cheap clothing, what am I thinking, it's going to wave,,, irritable, impatient... Sleep ralph lauren handbag, sleep

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