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8 angry be savage and absurd

Style= "font-size:14px;" &gt paul smith menswear online; 1 of the total compressed her lips in front of you say he is very strong, in fact, often cry.    

2 cried every day like a handsome young man, can clip, mobile phone bag in all of the PP has only one you.    

3 you dig nostril look down pat, then a small man intoxicated by success threatening you, if you sorry she had paid for according to the Internet to.    

4 with parents to eat, under the table quietly holding your hand.    

5 on the noisy street, for you to squat in the tight loose shoelace.    

6 Buddha's birthday, enter the temple for two amulets, one for you, one for the old    

.   &nbsp Tresorparis Rings;

7 lost NIVEA cherry red lipstick, bought colorless green apple flavor, because it can be used together with you.    

8 angry be savage and absurd, but soon forgot all about it, and to hold in your arms obediently.    

9 when you ask her, "you is it right? My lovely cat", she says "I'm your mother lion!" Haha..!    

10 look forward to give birth to twins for you, a girl, a boy. Then that child look like me like a person, like you ugly S!    

11 to you to say "I do not make my wife, I want to be concubines, so you can more Tengteng people!"    

12 made a hairstyle you like, have Meifadian immediately call you, frighten you just do a "explosive". &nbsp costume wigs;  

13 when you speak the wrong words christian louboutin leather boots, pretending like grip force from the very small Fenquan Hui to your face, and then you look like suffering kisses.    

14 also for your very late in the Internet bubble, until you push N times after Mei said, "I do not go to the angry" before qieqiede go to sleep.    

15 if you are willing to jump off building to her, if don't want her to say you don't love her, she said that you answer to jump. ".    

16 replacement phones, phone book, enter the first number is your christian louboutin misfit, included in the "family" group.    

17 Luchi ah, go out in the outside must hold your hand, you go where she obediently follow where to go.    

18 eat ice cream to go to Macdonald, eat roast wing must go to KFC, have you accompany.    

19 you sent her a short message, she is reluctant to delete.    

20 entered into an unequal treaty, the first is: my wife is always right. Each of the two: if the wife is wrong, refer to the first. ...    

21 &quot paul smith purses;love this thing, can let a woman gradually forget ideal, but let a man more firmly to their own ideals." She think it is right, she now want to always stay in your side, to be a happy little woman.    

22 when you asked her why she wanted to write these things, she would say: "hum, let you always remember me, marry me not to regret for a lifetime!" Ha ha ha... (laughs!)

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