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a Chinese independent living arrangements to return the rights

Style= "font-size:14px;" >         China dream Herver Leger Bandage Dresses, the dream!

authors: Dai Zhiyong

between heaven and earth, bloom.

this is when we first meet in 2013, may you be dream light.

2012, you guard your life, they protect their own work. Guardian of this work, is the guardian of their dreams in life christian louboutin leather boots.

2012, the temples on a constitutional loud hum and echo: "the constitution of life lies in the implementation, the authority of the Constitution also lies in the implementation." We look forward to the teeth, constitutional early landing. If so, the difficult transition to achievements of the vicissitudes of the ancient; but this, the country and the people, in order to stand firm on the earth.

today, is to dream of China, today, is to dream time. Through constitutional deletions of the "Cultural Revolution" nightmare, we spent thirty years of time to gradually return to common sense and reason. To the self-employed, township enterprises from the land contract responsibility system to "private", a Chinese independent living arrangements to return the rights, we created a prosperous city christian louboutin sex and the city, harvest a warehouse full of food.

we have to recognize what is true, what is false, it is, not its non; we rekindle the passion for justice, the free yearning. In the face of brutal strength, our hands clasped together through tough times, meet life, turn.

today, we can finally from the thick history of dust in chest, from the trivial daily life raised his head, along the ancestors of the constitutional review of the Long March, the great dream of ancestors.

170 years ago, we began to wake up from the dream of * * *. To defeat by Britain, Japan after defeat. The people are destitute. People more deeply hurt, the Chinese scholars. Baoguo! Conservation polo ralph lauren shirts! From westernization and constitutional monarchy, by constitutional revolution. From the material to the system and then to culture, indignant person "at down hole store&quot paul smith uk;, the determination of their civilization uprooted.

Xin Hai Revolution, the Qing emperor to abdicate Herver Leger Dresses, they finally set up Asia's first republic. However, a free, democratic, prosperous and strong constitutional government of China did not follow.

inside and outside the country, the wars; the crowd outside, cruel time.

once, people from benevolence, away from the meaning, from heaven, from free to.

once, people admit to deliberately misrepresent, thousands of creatures to life off.

dreams and broken mountains and rivers, Qi qi. Freedom and constitutional government, both blanking.

degrees as died of robbing the wave, the deep taste of evil humanity, we are still able to dream, a dream heart.

today, we definitely not dream of prosperity, more hope of spiritual filling; we definitely not only dreams can strong strength, more hope national self-esteem. New people and new country, national salvation and enlightenment, who cannot leave, nobody can overwhelm the who. Constitutionalism is the foundation of all this dream.

cash constitutionalism, adhere to the right, everyone can heart such as sun and moon Ambilight; though you can feel the winter warmth and non shivering; "urban management" and vendors can talk cheerfully and humorously; housing can become own family's castle;

to constitutionalism, limits the power decentralization, citizens can speak of the public power of criticism; everyone can according to the inner freedom of belief in life; can we build a powerful country of a free.

cash constitutional dream, everyone can make man's dream. And this we need to start from the hand, from the guardian life at the moment to start, not to burden for future generations.

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