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the incident caused a legal dispute

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gold medal winner:

JAMES ELLIOT---- of California as a city of Long Beach robber, when he took the.38 revolver is harmful to shoot, gun card played (without firing bullets)! At this time, he made a very constructive action:

--- at the gun muzzle to eyes carefully took a eyes, at the same time buckle under the trigger;

--- the gun without card playing.

Silver Award winner:

1. a Swissotel Hotel chef is cutting machine to cut off a finger, he to insurance company claim. The

insurance company suspected him of operating errors to accident, sent representatives to check the machine.

this represents the operating machine carving, he also lost a finger,

insurance company finally approved the request cook claims.

2 converse for sale. a man trying to shovel the snow in the snow storm the streets of Vancouver, a small ralph lauren sale, finally give their car out of a parking space. When he drove past, found a woman has robbed him of his car.

----- can be understood, he gave her a shot, killed her.

3. a bus driver is responsible for the 20 mental patients to BULAWAYO mental hospital, but Paul Smith suits, he obviously intended in an illegal bar stopped the car, and after drinking, found that: the bus patients escape!

he was afraid because be negligent make evil will be punished, so the driver of the car to the nearby bus station, passengers can ride free promise. Then, he put them into BULAWAYO mental hospital, and told the hospital staff: &quot Converse Basketball Shoes;very easy to these" patients "excited, talk rubbish, full of illusion"

this trick, until three days before being caught ralph lauren polo shirt. The

Bronze Award winner:

4. an American Teenager head was hit by a train, was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital.

** asked him how he was injured?

he said, he just wanted to have a look yourself head to near the moving train local

then, fainted.

5. a man walked into a Louisiana convenience store, he took out a $20 bill requires finding the zero; when the clerk opened the cash register, he flashed a pistol, and asked the staff to give him all the cash register.

staff did, he took the money and disappeared quickly, but his 20 dollar bill on the desk,

he took 15 yuan.

(the incident caused a legal dispute: no small if a man put a gun to you, to give you the money, this is not a crime?)

6. Arkansas a guy want to drink beer very badly, and he in a liquor store window threw a hollow brick, he intended to break this glass, rob him a few bottles of wine, and then decamp,

he didn't know the window is tempered glass, to be hollow brick bounce back, caught him. To lose consciousness. The whole process of

is the video down. (you guessed it: this guy would make the store to court?)

7. ANN ARBOR news crime column reports, a Michigan man 5 a.m. armed go into a fast food restaurant.

counter staff said, if there is no point meal, he couldn't open the checkout counters; the man had to point a fried onion rings, but the counter staff said, they weren't available for breakfast - the man deeply frustrated, but disappointed to leave.

annual special awards:

** found in the streets of Seattle: people huddled in a RV car, it seems extreme physical discomfort; to inquire, the man admitted mens burberry shirts, he tried to use the rainbow straw stealing gasoline, but he was wrong to straw another head into the small stool bucket travel car.

(scenarios imagine: he is forced with a straw to get the)

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