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just read request read it again

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UU2 years 4 months 7 days

read a lot of parenting books, are mentioned to teach children to recite poetry benefits, remember when UU was born I gave her to read "Three Character Classic", more than one year old is that she can pick every last one or two words, let me excited, but later because of no interest in small U, and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

recently discovered small U to the ancient small interest is inadvertently, with UU sleep time mom always find some books to kill yourself, take the "ancient poetry reading", is a long time ago to buy the book, looked at the little U no sleep, he picked two first read, no think small U sounds exciting, just read request read it again, until the note of the two poems converse all star uk, although still not complete. The next day, as long as the mother with small U sleep, little U will be required to read the poem, is this is the charm of ancient poetry rhyme.

"the geese", "spring", "die", "Wang Lushan waterfall farm", has become a required course in recent days, particularly the last one, UU I christian louboutin uk.

seize and make full use of the child's sensitive period fully louboutin sale, often play a multiplier effect. Then in the teaching of ancient poetry, summed up the following points:

1. whether poetry, or the Three Character Classic, disciple rules, has its unique rhythm and the connotation, process parents read must speak in measured tones, make smooth reading, let the children feel fully poetry's overall sense, must not be arbitrary to hyphenate the word.

2. teaching the children before the age of ancient learning, not only to read poetry translation, described the mood could not be described by interpretation, the best way is to make a sentence to reproduce in the life, let the children fully understand the author to express meaning. As with last year falls, you can say "waterfalls three thousand feet, down suspected Galaxy nine days", when the children left rice and rice, you can say "who know the food on your plate, a journey".

3. is the most taboo utilitarian heart slim fit ralph lauren shirts. Often see on TV or online said, 3 years old children can recite hundreds of poems, 2 year old child can recite three words, in today's society, take the child as a show of the capital's parents are not uncommon, task imposed on children will recite in teach poetry at the same time, seems to have deviated from the happy child theme, and will teach children's cognitive as meet the parents vanity means, this approach not only effect is not persistent, but also damage the child mental health.

pitiful world parents heart Paul Smith Belts, let the parents can lay down their own utilitarian heart, also the children a happy childhood, children will be the most competitive.

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