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Feel good after reading the log

Style= "font-size:14px;" > Chinese: I love you

: SA Lang Hai Korean you


English: Japan: aunt, the way

North Korea: 3 Lang and

Malay: wine, new Tamu

French: with

German: ICH Liebe dich

Greek: Saharper

Jewish language: ah you I and husband even he is Hungarian

: celecoxib special to

Estonia: Minaa horse Sitan League

Finland: Min rakastan Sinua

Belgium: one is the wolf chicken

Italian: ah

Latvia: a division special feed Milutinovic

Lithuania: take pay Milutinovic

Macedonia: sound red blog

Polish: Grilled toad to

grape language: ah no leg

Romania: back 4 g

Holland: Oh come after Fan Jiu

Czech: summoning emergency special

Denmark: a love for

Armenia: also can think Xirong Yan

Boss Tie sale, as it was: jacket than the trees

Bangladesh: ah meters moving to dig Hello tile temple

Burma: row

Kampuchea: Persian wolf wine

Philippines: Salmon guitar

North India: slow color change after

Indonesia: SA card Si and Sa Derui

Malay: wine is new Tamu

Mongolian: than pinch wooden Tan also too

Persian: Toast large round

(Arabic: the girls to boys) not black does not open (boys and girls) no black can not be

, Yatai meters language: look 2 men and Nike card after

Thailand: mechanical soft Kun

Urdu: (the girls to boys) no swallow black woman tears catarrh faint (boys and girls) don't swallow black woman class catarrh mixed

Vietnam: (the girls to boys) love also has A He (boys and girls) love also has an

New Zealand wool in language: 7, A Hai

, who immediately: chicken

Iceland: love a love two four card

Albania: frog asked searching

Russia: duck chicken not duck stay

Slovenia: biente

Spain: A Mo

Sweden: the reason the 4 card body grid

Turkey: inside cheek cheek Wai has run

Ukraine: a white 4 ha

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