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three features

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Tencent technology - (Guo Xiaofeng) October 31st news, recently, by the China Telecom and China UnionPay to mobile phone standard bank make payment card Tianyi the Great Wall card in Zhejiang Ningbo first, Tencent technology first to users of the details of the card function.

reportedly, Tianyi the Great Wall card integrated telecom 3G communication function converse sale, the Bank of China, financial function, bus application function, campus cafeteria, access control and other functions, will be a variety of previously separate card functionality into a mobile phone UIM card, easy to carry, easy to use.

Tianyi the Great Wall card mainly has four big main functions (communication function, financial function, traffic, industry application) and two auxiliary functions (recharge function and balance inquiry function). The user can not only mobile phone card payment in the bus, campus, enterprise and many businessmen, also can realize the mobile phone in the education, health, transportation, electric power, energy and other areas of payment function. At the same time, customers can cash charge, also can be the the Great Wall day wing their cards and China bank debit card association, only need to send a short message, can from his account transfer specified amount to mobile phone payments, recharge is very convenient.

function: 3G communication

reportedly, Tianyi the Great Wall card in a special mobile phone card, loaded with China's financial industry chip cartoon with standard "electronic cash" account, credit card and Tianyi mobile phone combination of innovative products converse easy slip. The card has the communication function of telecom 3G, based on CDMA network.


financial payment

the day wing the Great Wall card starting in Ningbo, at present, Tianyi the Great Wall card with Bank of China electronic wallet function, can be in the country with non-contact financial accepting terminal UnionPay merchants bank businesses or brush mobile phone consumption. Currently has a good consumption environment in the Ningbo area, in the city more than 7000 businesses, nearly 20000 POS machine free credit card spending.

Development of

currently IOT is Fangxing (micro-blog) AI, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is one of the key technologies of IOT, Tianyi the Great Wall card is the organic combination of RFID technology and UIM card.

three features:

bus application

Tianyi the Great Wall card with bus application function, can be in the Ningbo area, and other areas have the bus mobile phone card conditions, the use of Telecom mobile phone on the bus. Currently the 125 lines, 1300 bus flow used in the Ningbo public corporation.

four features: the industry application of

Tianyi the Great Wall card can be used in campus, enterprise cheap Burberry Shirts Long, use day wing the Great Wall card, can use the mobile phone in the canteen and supermarket Telecom consumption, access control, attendance, brush.

five: add

users in China banking business counter christian louboutin uk, the use of cash, Bank of China card Tianyi the Great Wall card electronic wallet to recharge women gucci shoes for cheap, self-help transfer machine and other self-help terminal recharge can also be provided by the Bank of china.

six features: the balance inquiry


users in China banking business counter, self-help transfer machine, or in the country with a UnionPay merchants accept to accept special terminal polling day wing the Great Wall card electronic cash balances. In addition, still can be in Telecom mobile phone menu, enter the "Tianyi the Great Wall card" menu, can query Tianyi the Great Wall card electronic cash account balance changes christian louboutin lucifer, as well as the recent recharge transaction detail record.

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