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than the atomic bomb is toxic

Style= "font-size:14px;" > Xuanhua before the French group meditation "meat to eat poison" beast killed, dying, emission from the nature of resentment, hatred anger, it gives birth to a kind of poison. All beings in the meat has a virus, the virus is not a short duration of time the product into the one's whole life, not only is the generation after generation, accumulation. People kill people, brewing a cannot disappear venom Sac à Main longchamp. Kill the beast, beast also put a poison in the heart chaussures converse. It is at the point of death, heart to give birth to a terrorist, hatred, revenge, the emission from the disposition of resentment, hatred anger, it gives birth to a kind of poison. So people eat flesh, is eating the poison! Eat at that time do not feel bad, but in the course of time has no cure, give birth to all sorts of strange disease. In this era franklin marshall soldes, full of resentment cupola on the world, than the atomic bomb is toxic, the toxicity is invisible, but will perish together. For thousands of years the bowl of soup, who like the deep sea hate it; for the world Daobing Jie, listen to the butcher's door at midnight sac vanessa bruno. We often read &quot talon christian louboutin;namo Amitabha!" Dharma Realm sentient beings, the pure land of ultimate bliss burberry pas cher!

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