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out of the two premolar

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human growth two teeth, one is the primary teeth, one was permanent or adult teeth. The tooth germ development began calcification since birth, to 6 - 7 years old start adorable, a total of 32, general to the age of 20 qi. In the permanent teeth were adorable when falling, the time sequence is as follows:  
      at the age of 6, the two front teeth, and the first molar behind the second molars, the old saying molar, upper and lower left and right respectively; two milk teeth fall off.  
      at the age of 7, out of two incisors, two deciduous front teeth.  
      at the age of 8, out of both the upper and the lower incisors, on two dairy side front teeth.  
      9 - 10 years old, the canine and first premolar (below each), under deciduous canines and first molars (below each) off.  
      10, ll years old,   upper canine, canine on milk shed (about the). &nbsp Casquette Snapback Pas Cher;
      ll at the age of 12, out of the two premolar (about each), the three deciduous molar loss (about the).  
      12 A at the age of 13 teeth all fall off, after the single tooth is teeth, at the age of 12 out of the second molar, 18 out of the third molar, once every 6 years, named 6 tooth, but the tooth have to about 30 years of age, have others don't.  
    &nbsp converse pas cher; children's permanent teeth, if not to take off, and permanent teeth in deciduous teeth gums adorable out side, which is called double teeth, should be to the hospital as soon as possible to pull teeth, teeth can quickly restore in situ. Also, deciduous teeth and permanent teeth for a long time not early removal of initiation, the children's habit of chewing gum, gum hyperkeratosis sac longchamp pas cher, resulting in permanent adorable difficulties, such as the permanent teeth is close to the gingival, gingival color dark white, when palpation touched hard dental subgingival margin, then gingival flap cut cut edge at a tooth, cutting edge, will accelerate the tooth adorable. In addition, the children to eat hard food in the changing period, such as steamed buns, bread, buns, dry vegetables, beans, mandible bone growth stimulation, promote early adorable a permanent teeth.  
      deciduous tooth replacement, first is the root resorption of deciduous teeth, no root crown after falling off, permanent crowns from primary alveolar spaces subgingival adorable out. Nascent teeth, tooth essence has not yet fully formed, root continued development, after about 11/2 3 years, root tip was completely formed sac burberry pas cher. Children during the tooth or teeth, pay attention to the protection, avoid all trauma, pay attention to nutrition, especially mineral salt, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D,   A1 sac paul smith, &nbsp sac vanessa bruno; C, in order to promote the formation and calcification of dental hard tissues.  
    each of the five years old children with an average of 19.4 teeth, and 20 teeth should be heavily. According to what you said, this also is normal, because some children of five years old then or grow the first molars (6 teeth), when your child is in the changing period, part of milk has begun to fall, is the normal condition.  

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