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waiting to be sealed

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don't want to see you letter: look at the recent Taobao is tight, I have been closed 2 stores, call the past reason is: people

to buy things i s not true name!! Please see the below the trumpet is the first real name chaussures dolce gabbana, not

is the second trumpet not real name. 90%.
unsafe degree (Taobao explained, the buyers will fill in the real name) if the brush you something a lot of people are not real name, (

See the

has sold baby, if only ID below the dotted line) of only one row of "Congratulations&quot christian louboutin femme; waiting to be sealed!!!
this is
measuring system. (to himself, and to others, then brush it, s name, fake did not matter)
understands the message forwarding polo burberry pas cher, to help others is to help yourself,..
this is a lesson of blood, the last crown event, perhaps some letter do not pity, if you are a daily powder brush about 10 is sealed is depression

boring; I suggest: before the trumpet costume hugo boss, please you to write real name immediately! All the trumpet sac michael kors! All names! (now have

and! Even when Taobao to check Lunettes de soleil Lv, at least your name is written on
please reply trouble now to fill in your name, thank


fill mode: into my Taobao, account management, personal transaction management   fill in personal information! Thank you ah]

immediately changed, want to understand each other


this is Taobao to those who check out credit sellers to explain

their credit is cleared, call Taobao, Taobao is the interpretation of   the people to buy things i s not real name

I will take 1 hours to fill me in this more than 100 small information, please be sure to fill out the  

for all have good;

thank you

I tonight is the night message I hope you wake up please fill in

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