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When men cry for you when you help him clean

Style= "font-size:14px;" > men love only once -- the girl you treasure?    

people say stupid, the ancients have explained very clearly, filthy men, men love to love, the only specific feelings of the men you know sac miu miu pas cher. Woman for a lifetime love a man, but man can love more than women, women may not know that in fact the man for a lifetime only loved one!    

men truly pure love only once, when the love, he can fling caution to the winds, when the love the, also won't be, that love is too deep, but the pain is too deep.    

so that after the men love it numb. Men will fall in love with other girls, just that they are no longer pure love, including desire, including sympathy, contains a pity ~~~~~   

all women are made of water, but also the most toxic woman heart longchamp pas cher, so most of the injured woman, wounding a woman is the deepest. Women love to have many times, but only one man has always, men have loved that after the girls all love to her, but how many girls know how to treasure.    

the man cry, men in tears, and extremely sad tears of despair, the men slowly began to bury his only love, it dust in the depths of his heart somewhere abyss.    

but when in the stillness of night, he will go into the abyss, trying to find the traces of love, even the slightest bit vanessa bruno cabas, the result is the same as before the have gained nothing, leaving only their own shrinkage smoking lonely smoke in a dark corner of the lonely root, lonely sad tears shed ed hardy homme.    

of course women complain about men FA Sam when it had thought, the man most precious things are you also is the destruction of the cruel, you cherish when men shy of say I love you when? When men cry for you when you help him clean? When the men beg you not to leave when you look back?    

said men flower heart, women can ever know, flower the man because of infatuation Lunettes de soleil Gucci, love and loving, loving and very painful, very painful death. Men love to die after this love ashes to ashes, the man never to women really pay real well, no thought, no passion, no longer believe in true love, to love with a little be cynical, some things, only once in a lifetime.    

when a man who had a full love chaussures louis vuitton, the pay pay, whole-hearted efforts to hold, all tried to give her what she wants, tried to die for her, but the rewards are completely indifferent, so in a time of lonely waiting, one point one drops of the drops of blood, no final effort, downhearted, when love lost faith, when feelings of a loss of loyalty harbor, for men, love is what all this is significant to the indifferent! The man's cold heart, never to heat up, because loved one has lost his ability to love.    

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