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to ease the repayment pressure

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from the Hubei community

recently internet rumor: because the construction of Wuhan Metro as loans, to ease the repayment pressure, Wuhan city after the opening of the MTR will install ETC to citizens (i sac lancel pas cher.e. electronic non-stop charging system, each person) all the MTR station, the fee is 2 yuan / people often go out, the subway station, the ticket system, ticket system according to the human body weight billing, price range is 980 - 4000 yuan / person year. The public shall be born each year to ZF body weight measurement and electronic billing for inspection, testing and inspection cost is 30 yuan / person Sac à Main longchamp, to reflect the aim of serving the people, for the disabled can be door-to-door detection maillots de football. At the same time, Wuhan City, ZF will not carry out electronic billing or carry others electronic billing citizens take strict punitive measures.

for the above rumors, Wuhan City ZF department give condemned: the development of electronic non-stop charging system after the people, how to distinguish between ordinary people and civil population, how to carry out the technical difficulty of special population did not solve free. Therefore portefeuille burberry, Wuhan never intended to keep people in recent years to develop electronic toll system.  

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