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Style= "font-size:14px;" >         a woman's feelings are very human, even if it is an affair, also mostly is love, while men are not so much in earnest, they tend to be dead not to divorce, but could not live outside "flower". The funny thing is, Ni Kuangceng said: "I don't want to abandon his wife, just want to marry a." Woman consciousness, feel to be toyed with feelings, while men are believed to be the woman does not understand the rules of the game. Therefore, the woman with the greatest of respect is to marry her.

        the woman is born to love and be loved, loved to dominate the life of a woman, for thousands of years, women's clothing, hairstyle, status, knowledge, wealth change TBEA, but the change is a woman's heart, when love comes, she is willing to pay everything: the soul, body maillots de football, health and life of loyalty. In exchange for the right man for the rest of my life. But. Men always let the woman sad, they would take ralph lauren pas cher, would not give; to go, refused to leave. They put an angel boiled woman, and to pursue the new prey. So the woman would say, two choose one, I prefer to work rather than love, because the cause didn't betray.

            many women are married to pursue experience. How to deal with? Easy enough. If your time is boring, boring and lonely, will accompany him to play, cooker phone Sac à Main longchamp, dating to eat a meal, to accept his praise, bear his complaint. Fun; fun; anyway idle is idle, if tired, want to terminate relationships with his sac lancel pas cher, also easy enough, just put on a face, say to him: "I want to marry you, quickly go to divorce, I'm waiting, shall I and your wife showdown?" Immediately, this seems to be your fans to be entranced man will frighten dead in front of you. Then he hid you hide behind.

&nbsp bijoux tiffany pas cher;   &nbsp franklin marshall pas cher;       Jianghu sinister, hell and sad, this is indisputable fact and can not be changed. If a woman can't to acknowledge at this point, and in the absence of any Wu Yi near the body of the case to enter, it is actions can not?

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