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don't fasten the safety belt

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control net of the "new method", according to 123 orders, the correct interpretation of 9 new rules should be like this:

1, violates the road traffic signal light pass, score by 3 points to 6 points, a fine of 100 yuan converse femme.

2, drunken driving motor vehicles, motor vehicle driver's license revoked and shall not be 5 years to obtain a driver's license Casquette Snapback Pas Cher.

3, don't fasten the safety belt talon christian louboutin, down 3 points, a fine of 100 yuan.

4 chaussures hogan pas cher, deputy drive without a seat belt, not scoring, a fine of 100 yuan.

fifth and sixth, driving dial, a mobile phone, and smoking, belong to hinder safe driving behavior, down 2 points Sac à Main louis vuitton, a fine of 100 yuan.

7, No. 123, motor vehicle on the road no motor vehicle number plate, or deliberately blocking, fouling, not by the installation of a motor vehicle plate, 12 points in mind, the top amount of punishment.

8, speeding, there are different for different standard penalty for speeding, not make it rigidly uniform.

9, deputy driver's seat is under 14 years of age to ride, and did not score, the fine basis, the network is not reliable. However, as a "tips" is still very necessary. Children ride sitting vice driving is very dangerous, best equipped with a child seat special.

police remind the general public, not by network transmission is misleading, but the process must strictly abide by the traffic law, safety first.

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