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all that night

Style= "font-size:14px ralph lauren pas cher;" > recently went to Meizhou on business sac michael kors, because of the need to stay one night, live in the company in the local rent dormitory. The hostel is a two bed room, another room for a branch manager, because from the sleep early, he asked me to go to the foot. One foot bijoux tiffany pas cher, he suddenly asked me: are you afraid of ghosts? I paused, smiled and said to him: my neck on the Jade Buddha is open a light. He speaks up: last week costume zara pas cher, her mother and 2 children to Meizhou to play, also live in the dormitory. He went to work at noon, his mother thought that nothing in the house, to help him clean up vanessa bruno pas cher, there are a lot of big flowerpot dormitory balcony, the flowers had withered. His mother took a flowerpot which gathered up, ready to plant some garlic and things. Due to move things very tired, rest, she lay on the sofa in the living room Robes de bal pas cher, in between sleeping and waking, suddenly an old man knocked on her head, and said: "why did you touch my plant? You give me up, and call your son to my flowerpots back to me." His mother suddenly woke up, feeling uncomfortable, get him back, tell what happened, he listens, sweat on the head, because he knew that the mother will come, it is simple to clean up a home, see a flower from the balcony door, called a colleague put the flower to the company. But he never mentioned his mother...

he put the pot to move back, but his mother the fear, unwilling to stay, took his daughter go home, but back, go to the hospital to check, unexpectedly had coronary heart disease. He went to ask the landlord, the landlord's father is dead on the couch in the living room, he very love flowers, flower pots are his.

finished, all that night, I couldn't sleep, the very next day early in the morning, they pack out.

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