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With love,

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ~ Echhart Tolle


Try out these steps to bring you into the present moments with those you love during Thanksgiving:


During Thanksgiving, I invite you to completely take a break from your business both physically and mentally and to actually be present with your loved ones. Fill those precious moments with love and gratitude.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones, everyone,2012 Nike Free Men(hot)!

As I’ve moved through life (gotten older), I’ve become clear that the most precious part of my life is the people that fill it. It is in my relationships with my parents, brothers and sister, friends and work colleagues that I experience love and affinity - the juice in life. All that said, there have been many times when I’ve visited with family during the holidays when although I was there physically, I wasn’t quite there mentally. Instead of actually sitting and being completely present with a loved one, I have often found myself thinking about an issue in my business or getting work done that I didn’t get to before the holiday, squandering precious moments to connect with those I care about and REALLY be with them. The sobering truth is that we have a limited time on this planet and, therefore, limited time to spend being with those that we love. Our moments with them are most precious indeed.

Remove idle time in which your mind can wonder by scheduling activities that foster connection and presence with your family members. This could be a drive through the country or a family walk after dinner. Schedule games. Have everyone tell their favorite family experience around the Thanksgiving table. One of my favorite things to do that encourages fellowship that really raises the roof with energy and affinity is to have everyone at the table tell their favorite joke… especially the children. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all that is required to make a business successful. Our minds are similar to a dog chewing on a bone. They like to work on “problems”, even creating them for us. Often times, we don’t even know we’re consumed by this tendency. When you feel yourself drifting away from the present and into your future and the issues and things you want to handle, simply stop and love the person in front of you. Remember that these moments are precious and few.

The most precious and engaging conversations I’ve ever had with my friends and family members are those in which we reminisced or I inquired about what life is like or was like for them. Get into their world. Be curiously engaged in what is most important to them. Make it about them and not you. Create a “blank space” in which they can express themselves and meet them with love. See how they light up!



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