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is like a step this step

Style= "font-size:14px cintura ed hardy;" > when you stand in front of the person you love, your heart beats faster;

when you and you love human four item deliver, you tend to get shy;

but when you stand in front of the person you like, you only feel happy;

but when you and you like four heads of trading, you will smile.

when you talk with the one you love, you find it hard to speak;

when the one you love is crying, you cry with her;

but when you and you like the human dialogue, you can speak one's mind freely;

, but when the one you like is crying, you will comfort her skills prix converse.

when you do not want to love a person, you must close the eye and endure the tears;

when you do not want to love a person, you need to do is cover your ears!

love, is a kind of mood

love, is a kind of feelings

love, is a kind of intuition

love costume Armani homme, is a feeling like

, can stop the endless love,

love a person, a person loves natural

special, special calm

love a person, hope and he sometimes together

love a person, sometimes afraid and he together

like a person, and his incessant argument "br> love a person scarpe Gucci uomo, don't stop for himPay

like a person ralph lauren home, hope he can always find their own

loves a person, can hope to find he

like a person, always smile for him

love a person cravatta Burberry, always cry for him like

, is the persistent love, is worth

love is like, very simple

love is love very complex,

like you, but not love you

love you, must like you very much

in fact, love and love only one step away from

but, want to step this step


is like a step this step

this step or love

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