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don't change too fast

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Singer: Now friends less Robe de Courte, who wrote the words I do not know, the Sanhedrin really talented achat perruque, service!!


every day as intersection graph dead line
a second
are changed to tears
customer is good or bad
as long as you are brave to change my

hey cravatta Armani...
this road can't change
didn't feel to the computer all day and all night
enjoy now
don't say to afraid hurt
many good we believe
rely on to it!
dead to change
not overthrow not happy
all know
dead to change
does not change to all night not happy

party was the destruction of the universe


every day as intersection graph dead line   
a second
last is good or bad
as long as
you have to
don't change too fast
you change more quickly his want becomes fast
is changed to
now only found TM are allergic
no miracle we believe
go to change!
dead to change
to ignore your body good and bad
three all-night
you will die
die don't see
dead to change
not to do not have urinary
is changed to power no ghost in
go into a cul-de-sac to change
not to dirty uncomfortable
pen damage < br> diagram will be buried in
has changed
soon cornered night subversion is not happy to finally have changed
is changed to metamorphosis is just wonderful

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