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this is the first letter to your mother

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my dear daughter:

bamboo, this is the first letter to your mother, you know?Today is your birthday, one year ago today is mother of the crucifixion, in your birthday is approaching, my mother wrote to your recollection, give blessing to you, hope you can feel how much I love you, mom!Hee hee......

12 months before my parents made you, you just to the mother's belly, the mother but suffered a lot!Because you just to mom's tummy condition is not very good, my mother to eat Baotai medicine, Baotai medicine is to protect your medicine!Also called Baotai needle occhiali da sole Lv, afraid you appear what problem!That the time of 1 many months, my mother is alone in bed to get through, my mother was strong on Soldes Ed Hardy?It is because love you love you mom, this was a small embryo baby oh!

bamboo: do you remember?When you were in Mommy's tummy, mother every day to chat with you, sing a song for you Lingerie grande taille gorssiste, and you do!Do you remember my mother often said to you?Mother said no matter you are a boy or a girl, my mother always love you, you have to grow up healthy!Bamboo, you must remember, right?You've been with mom said healthy growth!Do you remember the mother often tell you what song?Yes, is the song "driver&quot Robe de Soirée rouge Pas Cher;, grew up to also learn, sing to her mother, okay?

bamboo, you know?My mother gave birth to you, in the delivery room waiting for you to come in the operation room was cut, mother also because too much loss of blood transfusion, therefore she endured much pain you know?Mother finally peace gave birth to you, to see you happy Kang Kang, mother can be happy.

      bamboo, you know?First look up to you, the first turn, the first time the first time crawling, standing, and mother in mind!My mother for your every progress is proud, because my mother know, make each first time in you, is all through the unremitting efforts of the results!Each of your smile, make me feel very happy!

bamboo, you old, don't eat finger okay?It's not clean, mother thought way for this tape, once, in your fingers painted mustard camicia Prada brevi, but to no avail, alas, if not pretty you grow teeth don't blame your mother.Now you can be naughty, the less you look a few seconds to go, now your exercise can be big, not everywhere climb is holding things up, mother afraid you broken mind ah, I have been your torture goblin tired Robe de Cocktail, this only after you as a mother can feel the mother dear great.

bamboo, you know?Mom works so busy, can be work late every night, accompany you time, basically only sleep with you at the time, I hope you can understand my mother ah, my mother would try to go back to accompany you.

well, just write so much, finally say: "happy birthday, mother bamboo, good love you oh!"

I wish my daughter happy and healthy, safe, smart, beautiful, happy forever!



your motherIn June 23rd


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