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I stood there for 5 minutes

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yesterday evening costume homme Pietro Santo, as in the past to the paradise for exercise, take it into one's head to the sports center, saw a man playing game scarpe converse, then walked in, looked for a long time, I found there are 2 high school students in, before also usually play football, the relationship is still very good that, and the 2 students under the field, I went to greet them, oddly, the 2 men also responsive nod, turned not to me, I stood there for 5 minutes, as for you, we will not to meet 10 years, did I change is so big, do not recognize me?Hey......May be old.
home for 1 months this life really can't describe, use one word to describe it is "home", in addition to every evening to paradise to play basketball scarpe Burberry uomo, running, almost no other programs scarpe Lacoste uomo, the weather in Changde is like me, a month is full of high temperature, it does not rain, a few times out the door in less than half an hour basket converse femme pas cher, clothes had been wet with sweat to couldn't wear it, only to go home to change clothes, change will no longer go out......, this month, is my credit card use of the month at least, to estimate the bank have to and I am anxious.Well, I recall, since I applied for a credit card, I overhead than previous almost twice as much, so give yourself a target: this year, mobile phone does not change, not for the notebook computer, do not change, do not buy clothes SLR, buy only, what......Think again.

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