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tui Bei Tu

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2012 is not the end, but the earth into the photon belt, but in completely into the moment, we will spend 3 days in the space of 0 degrees, which many people will die, polarity reversal, the space of 3 degrees to 0 degrees of space, is destroyed, but the usher is a new world, there are a lot of people will survive at the 3 day, the 3 day, it is the solar system in the great chemical changes the photon belt of the human body, the atom will reset, ushered in the 4 dimension, fifth era slode costume Ermenegildo Zegna.Personal understanding: Maya is not the end of the world, he is clearly written in December 21 camicie Gucci uomo, 2012 December 22nd night, dawn that would not come.Maya is also presumably and we live in a space, he naturally can not predict the 4 dimension of things, but not in December 22nd day, but after 3 days, almost Christmas, the day will come!

  12 prophecies are recorded 2012 years is not an extraordinary one, the Bible Code, tui Bei Tu, Taiwan Mayan children, Tibetan monks and Pisces to Aquarius transition time that all this.
  the most true it is the United States NASA NASA survey, in 1960, found that there are clusters of distant stars (in fact the photonic band), 2012 will occur north and south magnetic pole reversal found in a few years ago, in 2011 4 solar eclipse will occur.We live in the fourth century and the fifth century the junction, we should be proud of, the space of 3 degrees to 4 degrees space need most is the power of the human spirit, I wish, I will survive, to witness this moment. 

  the 3 days of darkness, the evolution of the human species, the age of light, the 4 space occhiali da sole Rayban, all sounds like a science fiction novels. However, it is true, no vestito carnevale bimba, 2012 know everything.If it is true, I really grateful to live in this age.Death is not terrible, but I hope that all of this is true -- after all, the Maya diary did not finish.

  2011 of the wonderful, 2012 scientific identification of 12 languages, and run in the same groove. Right and wrong, true and false, who can break its own destiny? Heaven.

  if the 2012 fire mountain not spray, no crack, no back, didn't have a flooded building, you also in vestito carnevale donna, he also loves; please in 2013 to get married in January 4th.For this is the golden 201314 (love you a student I).If you really love a person, please put this article chapter information to &nbsp franklin marshall pas cher;   to your space!Regardless of you do not believe, if the 2012 world really destroyed, that it is the most romantic is transferred to your heart, love people, in turn!Please cherish now owned!

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