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give you test a psychological problem

Style= "font-size:14px;" >.1, Question: please choose your love fruit: 1 grapefruit 2 pomegranate 3 apple 4 watermelon 5 lemon 6 pineapple 7 pitaya 8 cherry 9 banana 10 coconut. (only one)

Answer:1 first love - Love 2 fairy tale love 3 lover of 4 old fashioned type love 5 gay 6 ugly but love is the 7 noble sweet 8 one-night stand 9 ordinary type love 10 violent love (Primeline psychological test)

2, Question: the first feeling: I in your heart like what kind of ice cream? 1 chocolate cream vanilla 2 3 4 5 6 taro strawberry blueberry taste 7 litchi taste 8 red bean and 9 coffee taste.

Answer:1 beloved 2 Dependence of the 3 friends 4 to 5 close friends 6 about the 7 friends 8 hate people 9 respected (Primeline psychological test)

3, Question: if you join a game you think eat tomatoes how to eat will win: (1) (2) with candied tomato scrambled egg with tomato (3) light to eat (4) (5) tomato salad with tomato sauce (6) Tangban tomatoes

AnswerA clandestine love affair: marriage rate: (1) 60% (2) and 40% (3) and 0% (4) and 20% (5) and 99% (6) and 200% (super standard psychological test)

4, Question: to do a test: do you think now who is the first female own thought, to give " Japan " add a word a word, think of the word

Answer: A: the worship of the people: the future wife or husband Tian: never mind the White: Electric love: love Shen: hate people old: ordinary friends by: don't trust people Dan: like people Robe de Soirée rouge Pas Cher. (Primeline psychological test)

5, Question: in the winter afternoon, one person in your walk ed hardy prezzi, then you most want to see what the scenery?The crab B wind A in the sun on the beach in the maple C beautiful and kind-hearted tea-picking girl D flying in the air a pair of black stork

Answer:A B C D fool idiot stupid retarded because the scene will not be in the winter (Primeline psychological test)

6, Question: Test: several instant noodles you most like what kind of 1 fresh fish braised beef noodle plate 2 3 4 mushroom stewed chicken noodle dish surface 5 tomato beef noodles braised sparerib noodles 6

Answer:1 not too mature love, jealous, possessive 2 or 3 emotional specificity, unswerving 4 see world of mortals, follow Buddhism 5 possessive 6 likes to do third! (Primeline psychological test)

7, Question: when you go tired, a good witch said to send you to the following which or the rest who home, you choose which of the 1 Moulin Rouge 2 seven dwarfs 3 Mermaid 4 5 days bakery 6 Judy Sauropus 7 near relatives 8 ignore her

Answer:1 the 2 pure 3 love fantasy 4 falling 5 is 6 longing for a romantic and tragic love 7 obey parents temporarily do not want the words of a match-maker 8Fall in love (Primeline psychological test)

8, Question: to give you a Valentine's day you negozi converse? With the male (female) friends met in the park the marine animal to buy justice. Please choose one you like marine animal 1 starfish 2 piebald fish 3 turtle 4 sea anemone 5 hippocampus 6 whales 7 coral

Answer: the concept of love of 1 respect love is worth entrust lifelong 2 extremely dependent lover 3 feeling great ambition 4 immature love jealous and possessive 5 emotion-specific conservative 6 not specificity 7 sex maniac (Primeline psychological test)

9, Question: give you test a psychological problem: gold, silver, copper, iron, jade, agate, jade, stone, grass and a total of nine rings achat perruque, let you choose, which would you choose?

Answer: gold. On behalf of stamen Immagini Abiti da Sposa. Silver is persistence. Copper is stubborn. Iron is ruthless vestito bambina. Jade is tender. Agate is relying on the jade is true. The grass. Is innocence. Stone is eternal. This is the attitude to feelings. Quasi? (Primeline psychological test)

10, Question: give you do psychological problem: there is a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg, there are four conditions: water pocket. The trees. The earth, you can take two

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