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window lighting

Style= "font-size:14px;" &gt costume Boss pas cher;   &nbsp scarpe Lacoste uomo;           &nbsp Maillot Manchester City;       &nbsp cravatta Versace uomo;                                 text / the son not

                  &nbsp Cravate de soie Armani pas cher;         who,

readily poured poured ink

the whole sky

dyed thick black

and Lian Xiyang

have been cracked in the land of

fragmentation in


a pile of weeds in the corner lying above who is who?

station in the moon light in

with great care each one

the lamp, until

the stars merged into a rushing river

  &nbsp perruque rose;             and nbsp;           let's go turning the handle

long spoon

up, and put down the

window lighting

has extended to the deep soul

has a snowflake

on my lips shyly molten

those empty text

only time can read

cruising in hysterical expansion in

is melancholy,

stood in the thinking of what

A snowman

who will

for his painting of a kiss

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