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I simply like a practical joke he exclaimed

Style= "font-size:14px;&quot christian louboutin; > after dinner, watch TV, mobile phone rang suddenly, a strange number, press the answer key questions, one is full of warm voice immediately rush "ear": to feed!Have you had dinner?I politely replied: eat, do you?The other ah a: I can't remember?You are really great wits have short memories. "!I have some feel shy, but couldn't think who it is, but joked: no rules of this period of life, a bit Gaga, trouble to the point; the other seems to be "Puzzle" game to the end, not to his voice.To tell you the truth, my listening has been relatively weak, before learning a foreign language has been on the show, even the local dialect may neither fish nor fowl, so in the phone hear who voice to me is really very difficult, and I don't want to sound special memory, there are mobile phone book.But now encountered such a "friend", I grew more and more awkward, and even some angry, so, I simply like a practical joke he exclaimed: Oh, come to think of it, you are old!To my surprise, the other was very loud replied: Ha ha!You finally remember!While I continue to Hu. Analyzing each other, is the legend of the mobile phone false acquaintances liar, I make fun of edge in the thought, to see how I tidy up you.Oh, old, long time no contact, I sent the twenty thousand yuan you after two days you also, when you put the number sent SMS, I call you.On slightly hesitated, apparently by twenty thousand yuan this accident to hit dizzy, but how can a mind so fragile, unhurried said: Oh, never mind you, if you hand tight, repeat over time, I want you there tomorrow, when have dinner together.A few sound Lunettes de soleil hommes Celine. I could hear it, wide flavour Mandarin is out, seems to be a South.I think in a tease slode costume Polo, helpless liar get close, said a few words, trying to contact again tomorrow, that I remember his new number, then hung up the phone!Pick up the phone, I laugh, this liar even have happy to dance with joy!

&nbsp costume Kenneth Samantha; the next morning, mobile phone rang again, and the number.Pick up the phone, I dry feed, old!The general explicit anxiously should way: get up?I had an accident!Ha ha, cheats the way!I: what a busy, said slowly!Then, he said his last night in my city nightclubs near miss was arrested, 3 friends have also been caught, and now to a fine one 5000, otherwise it will be detained greetings.I intentionally way: Oh, that I come here, I have an acquaintance XXX innings.How can I drive to cheat in the past basket converse, he hurriedly said: then don't trouble, he had asked a friend over there, have a discount, now only a fine of 10000 on the line.Ha-ha.Fines can also be discounted, suspects can also play mobile phone, con i was laughed at his poor!He must be very annoyed me to drive past the warm-hearted, or you will not get ten thousand!In order not to disappoint him, I say: Well, you get a card, I owe you twenty thousand also today, finally still doesn't forget to blame a, how so careless.Ha-ha.He was overjoyed way: Well, I have to send messages to you, you which bank convenience? Seems a bank card must be many, I casually said: China Merchants bank.I have a piece of scrap merchants bank card, wife before the work unit wage cards, the wife let me to you, I have no time to.Is this card, is the story of the ruling, please continue to watch it paul smith italia!

      cheater is not how fast speed seems, after about an hour, SMS, a Hu Yang name China Merchants Bank card number to.Liar seems to know is necessary to explain, then came, saying this is him a friend's card number, he can't go out now to take money, so call friends to help.I say, I will arrange my driver to do, I am going to attend a meeting.Because want to work, don't want to cheat more bothersome, free the driver arrangement, ha ha!Close to noon, a telephone again, is never received prey, anxious!You going to do?Oh, the old, the driver had some trouble, accident, I'm on my way to deal with it, and deal with me to you to play money.Liar seems impatient, oh, you hurry up!At this time, I wonder how I can reverse cheat him?This challenging idea makes me excited!

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