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This standard and on what basis

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"classification" is an exotic, from the movie to the animation grading early, to call for green network environment, in recent years, grading and pushed in the teeth of the storm.Now, "grading" entered the children's reading, children's book publishing is graded reading with vigour and vitality for herve leger ombre.

The concept of

children graded reading originated in Europe and, later, in Hongkong Taiwan area echarpe burberry, graded reading to "bridge book" form has been generally recognized.Graded reading concept in mainland China with a set of 2007 the introduction of French bridge book published and shipped.Since then, with this book published bridge and some grade reading established research institutions, graded reading has been paid more and more attention.In July this year, held in Beijing the first "Chinese children graded reading seminar", the experts grade reading, put forward many constructive opinions from academic and practical aspects, also left us more thinking.

when we talk about the classification of reading today, in the face of reading environment is such a situation: books and see things in a blur of excess disorder; uneven, some good and some bad and pass off the sham as the genuine book content quality; children in the sea of books not know what course to take and choose ability; grade reading guidance and the urgent needs of brewing.So, children's education experts, children's cultural workers trying to grade reading, the advocacy and promotion of the whole society attention to current environment of children reading.Indeed, graded reading concept was defined, naturally in the whole society formed a consensus: we should take appropriate books in a proper way to kids of all ages at the right time, transfer to the reading ability of different children; we should carry out multiple guidance for diversification reading, so that children get the pleasure of reading, acquiring the reading essence; we can see that the classification of reading be imperative in many established according to the physiological and psychological development of children in the age requirements; empirical phenomenon reading many more means necessary and inevitable reading grade.

this idea first to promote and practice in children's publishing circles, they advanced to integrate publishing resources, another way to open up the market, individual press even began active and beneficial attempt to formulate the grading standards, grading relay press standard is the industry standard.


view, press firmly as a bellwether of graded reading wave and up the leading banner.Then, the library, are you ready?Don't cravatta Armani, we just follow in sb.'s footsteps point after the dust?Reading guidance in the library classification, should be made to explore what positive?A publishing house editor might open the children's thinking way for us.

"we say that this book is suitable for a certain age children reading, and another book did not meet the age characteristics of children of the mind?"-- this is a very subjective judgments, and each person's judgment will have differences, such differences also exist between children's education experts.Graded reading must be a middle way to reconcile?Or whether to make objective judgment standard soldes franklin marshall?This standard and on what basis?It is simply based on the physiological age of children still focuses on their reading ability?Children are always ignore what classification, even treason to classification of people.Even though the development of such a set of objective and feasible standard whether has put things right once and for all?Will not cause prison Couverture pas cher, the delineation of a part and fine books left out large scenery outside the circle?

"what we use for children to read?We have many be opinionated classic and boutique to children's recommendation?"We publish surplus situation and disorder, quality uneven, some good and some bad books already understand the book, there are some publishers based on quick commercial interests driven by market and the birth of the seemingly "boutique", "excellent" reading mixed among them, as people feel not know what course to take, the loss of discrimination.Therefore, for grade reading, not the classification guidance first but reading selection problem, instead of focusing on age grading for children, as well as more attention and emphasis on classification of each of the books, that is for each of the suitable for children to read books for a introduced and classified evaluation.

for the library, readers and books are the two points of its existence.Both the classification guidance or reading selection can be reduced to Rangana praise the resulting library law: every reader his book, each book has its readers.Classification guidance requirements we first thoroughly research on readers, including mental characteristics of children of different ages, reading ability, reading needs; by the grading of age can be extended to the classification of various types of child: such as the different gender children, children in single-parent families, disabled children, children of ethnic minorities, and research the purpose is to stimulate children's interest in reading, to cultivate children's correct reading awareness and reading attitude.Reading selection requires us to the procurement of books should be in "flowers gradually into the fascinating eyes" to the book market, through the gorgeous packaging best-selling coat, excellent books clearly identify the true value of meaning, we dig the book knowledge connotation in the catalogue, the precise classification and evaluation, focus on the theme of not to reveal the books from the subject property.

short, grade reading battesimo vestito bimba, the library has a long way to go.



Guo Liulun: grade reading, publishing and what are the problems facing.Chinese books business 2009-11-17

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