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five pound OK

Style= "font-size:14px;" &gt solde casquettes Nike; Zhang San is a town a miser.One day, his relatives came to his house.Just outside a selling cooked beef scarpe Ralph Lauren uomo, his relatives said to Zhang San: "buy me a pound of beef, in your house of net to eat tofu."Zhang San sorry, had to go out and buy beef.Then, listen to the outside spread for a supply of sth herve leger toronto pas cher. voice: "three yuan a catty OK?" "no!" "five pound OK?" "no!" "seven pound head office!&quot occhiali da sole Rayban; "no no, one hundred dollars!" Zhang San back to his relatives said: "somehow basket converse, he is not willing to sell me."His relatives had bad luck vestito da sposo.The night his wife scolded him: "you are silly, three pound not, even seven dollars?" Zhang San said: "where, I am holding bricks and he changed!"

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