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to spend some money for her mother a grudge.

Style= "font-size:14px occhiali da sole uomo;" > mother old teeth fall out, son drove to send her mother to a dental clinic prosthodontic. See, son of a wealthy, the car on the mobile phone never stopped talking. Mother asked the doctor we want how many money, the doctor told her, a price ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of yuan, and recommend the best porcelain teeth to her. Her mother took the most expensive one. The doctor said the teeth are easily damaged, old mother with a better proposal, said as he watched his son, asked his son to persuade mother. Son stood aside and let mother dentist for a supply of sth., continue to play his telephone.

last, the mother is still with the cheapest kind. The doctor to talk about good prices, the mother seems to be very satisfied, pulled out a bag from the bosom, a layer of open, come up with the money to pay a deposit, the doctor asked her to aspire after two weeks, soon they left the clinic. And they went out, there were many discussions. The people at the clinic, everyone thought that the son has a personality problem, oneself in smart clothes, driving a car, to spend some money for her mother a grudge Polo ed hardy.

is talking about, the clinic door was open, the son came in, he went to the doctor withFirst, say: doctor, please give my mother a kind of best porcelain teeth, cost me, but please don't tell my mother slode costume Pierre Cardin. She is a very thrifty person, if let her know Vente Gucci Cufflinks, certainly not with the son of the crown All Star Converse Basse. &quot vestito dalla ragazza di fiore;The money to complete the.

looked at his son to leave back, why don't you just understand just son advised mother: the original love sometimes quietly.

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