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because the file you are likely to be accused of virus.

Style= "font-size:14px;" > 1, first of all to remember these words: never admit that he is a master, because the title is a price to pay.

2, received a strange phone call, be sure to ask each other what, then tell him (her) your current location.

3, never trying to solve a problem through telephone or QQ, it may not know the menu is something scarpe Prada uomo, this can not blame them, blame yourself, because you are always too lazy to explain to them Robinetterie douche.

4, don't immediately can solve the problem, because the system always crash you encountered or is on the verge of collapse.

5, if the other Party allows you to reinstall the system, then don't try any repair work, reinstall the system because of the fastest way to solve the problem.

6, in addition to asking what information need backup, you don't ask you any questions, unless your psychological ability.

7, a conservative Institute, prior to commencement of each time, remember to tell each other: "I may not be able to solve the problem finally, continue?".

8, the computer visual inspection is always first, have a look line is connected properly, have a look the USB interface is connected to other equipment and so on

9 hardware, believe the anti-noise ability, as far as possible, do not open the other side of the chassis.Not made doctor, but was as saboteurs, it is a very sad thing.

10, do a good job of being scolded psychological preparation, because do not understand computer knowledge, often knows how to evaluate other people.

11, if someone said that his memory has 200G, you mustn't corrected is hard, otherwise, your luck will come cravatta Armani.

12, do not know the menu is what person, in general will also know the virtual memory is how to return a responsibility vestito dalla ragazza di fiore, according to his request to adjust it, but it will not affect your completion of repair work.

13, tell them, you don't have any antivirus software Boutons de manchettes de Gucci, otherwise, you install antivirus software is the worst, most is the problem.

14, don't let yourself become the master printer fault, tell you, the printer trouble things than computer a lot.

15, resolute don't help others to buy computer, especially assembly machine, unless you want to back to eat rebate infamy, and then every Pidianpidian to help them deal with fault.

16, don't resent the following two words, it will be with you for a long time:

    the first sentence: "my computer is a big problem."

    the second sentence: "you come and help me have a look."


also advice on office work friends, remember the following principles:

1, try not to touch other people's computer, otherwise, several days later, the action you will lead to system crashes and bring about his.

2, don't go to correct any mistakes of others Maillots de bain pas cher, unless you have to convince others of the super ability.

3, as far as possible under the premise of not passing any electronic document, because the file you are likely to be accused of virus.

4, don't be afraid to blame, because you can't escape

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