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like this should not be

Style= "font-size:14px;" >     at 50 noon, sunny, starting,



north passage way northeast, the weather change unpredictably, a ride to the north channel endpoints, see the roadside, hey



to Xin Wei, G205 narrow and old, truck roaring and, NND

  in the road, lane edge enhancement;


see the sign, turn right 19 kilometers, is the 258 of the fresh water, the legendary "



Xinxu pedestrian street, the fierce sun didn't see anybody walking, but to see a lot of vehicle



sad thing immediately to happen, pedestrian street end is T junction, didn't sign, break this damn it, select the left not hesitate to turn, the last very long ramp.




long ramps, narrow road, truck stop, finally reached, a look, day ah, originally this ghost place, countless times from the high-speed pass, the road to see there, also said the rush is fresh water, guilty, guilty.



downhill running, the car in the speed jump, to a store to buy water, kind-hearted woman with a stool had told me to rest, and then told me: go wrong, in the fresh water, it is the town of long, then it is Chen.NND, this damn it traffic bureau or highway bureau, you put the sign money called miss converse basse.



turn over the long ramp, a bandage over his profuse sweating, and bypass the Xinxu pedestrian street, finally went to Freshwater Road, a great cloud cover at the head, see the mountain in the distance,



aqueduct Dongjiang water diversion to Shenzhen, Shenzhen for the benefit of people, hey, really loud slogans,


  Qiu Chang Zhen, relaxed and long days, really poetic name, like this should not be, the local indigenous just think autumn is very long, also is a rotten place, hot afternoon, everywhere is full of impatience.A phone

this time, made a long stay, it is placed in the heart of the ralph lauren grossiste.



    &nbsp solde casquettes Mk; to store fresh water high speed opposite the entrance to buy water, see there is water to Ningbo bus ticket, sell the boss said here a lot of people in Ningbo, 3 shifts a day bus is full, forget it, just like the clothes shop clerk said what you wear have temperament a foil.The boss asked me where I come from, false praise me camicie Gucci uomo, I say this freshwater anything interesting, the boss said: Well, you come early, to the dark, night, here. Hey, is it right? A black day, eyes closed walk casually hand grasping is a miss??

    freshwater river bridge, a broad vision, not the Kui is fresh water, gas is really big.



in freshwater overpass right, the signs point to Shenzhen, should not be wrong, see a residence, century garden, hey, heard, sells the gold ah




thirsty and hungry, finally ran out of Huiyang, the eastern bus home is here.


&nbsp occhiali vista ralph lauren;

sat well cover the rest, it was near dusk Robinet infrarouge grossiste, think of the song, the night, replacement is still time, familiar people is no longer still.



customs crossing, see the full moon, night lights gradually bright, the road deserted, I was in a hurry, then rushed to a deserted place,,,



last sunset, pedestrian's face was blurred, I also wear sunglasses



downtown street, a shop, in 361, stupid, pepper, I do not know that the female mood, mobile phone film are still not in,



; the north channel, return to the tired and dusty, so,,,



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