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a couple to get up in the morning

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a couple to get up in the morning, he found that his wife had his clothes haven't been washed clean.­


male: she ah Vente de boucles d\'oreilles Hermes, you see you wash clothes, ha paint black black, how can I wear to go out ah.­

female: which port drops, washed into this not as pretty, you really hanging fey, ha can wash the clothes into the new.­

M: you don't get, wash clothes do not wash clean, you have it hanging with austria.­

female: you seven hard man shit, eight in the first up on the West Qing ghost called drops.It GA ten herve leger toronto pas cher

M: I beg you, it was down eight life was a ghost, soup.The seven lazy, ask you to wash clothes, 8 mo drops 7.­

female: I do not good harbor you, you better?If you can, you get the four I have a look back.­

M: I don't like your port, I make to the up, friends call me to take pictures, I do not love to dinner.­

female: ran outside to live wine, you watch back.­

&shy chapeaux Franklin Marshall baseball;

male meet friends ­

friend asked: how do you get now hey, call you up in the morning early, and you get to sleep.­

male: hanging hair gray Oh, my little her morning with my noisy, B off your long-winded, irritated dead people.­

friends: my she didn't also drop ah, soon loses his temper, you read.Talk about with the ladle drop.&shy Couvre lit grossiste;

M: Hey, don't make port, where K.­

friends: to the Taohua Tan K, a good?­

male: ah, the last time I went there, the road is not good, a high Zikuan (read fourth) drops frequently die.I don't want to go Cravate de soie homme Paul Smith.&shy negozi converse;

friends: you silly head melon brain drops, you Jing son chatting, which point no matter four.­

M: that place old out far, run out.­

friends: my car with you, a photo?You in the car to sleep, I call you.­

M: OK, so Hong ah, point out the early seven ha son, we go ah.­

friend: Well, you treat the Olympic, we seven old duck soup bubble rice crust K.­

male: put them we do chicken, two.Go ah.

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