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the best actress Josephine Siao in 1996 Hongkong Film Awards

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recently, classics.Watch or watch the previous piece of classic, the aftertaste of junior high school life, ha ha.The first part of the
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live in old buildings, temperament hot sun too o e (Josephine Siao) the daily running in the family, company, plans carefully for family, company is fine.Her family have driver's license examiners husband (Law Ka Ying), mindfulness University (Allen Ting) converse bandiera americana, the son of her mother-in-law and if the soldiers daughter born temper overbearing father-in-law (Joe macro).Her husband, sister living in a rich area, a married and moved to Taiwan, and they usually neglect contact.
makes the father-in-law mother-in-law died suddenly become dementia, his brain, eyes only news some only know o e a man, do absurd things a series a, o e a struggling to cope with, at home to do housewife's sister-in-law and unwilling to reach out and help.A maid and her husband tried to send father-in-law to day care, elderly homes for the elderly, but did not worry.And A E brought a lot of fun work also because she met young, ability makes her upset her opponent.But the man also in our own way to people is having a heart but no strength to 40 o e said a grateful!

1995 Berlin International Film Festival, the Hongkong Film Awards in 1996 Competition Xu Anhua (Hong Kong Film Award) the best actress Josephine Siao in 1996 Hongkong Film Awards (Hong Kong Film Award Man Keung Chan) the best screenplay

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