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do not tell your friends

Style= "font-size:14px;" >                 had heard in the west of Anhui County of Jinzhai Heaven Village scenic autumn Manshan maple leaf is very spectacular, but has been in the area around, no chance to see.Hear Kang Huiye to organize an exploratory trip, he excitedly to enroll in Lingerie petits prix gorssiste.From Wuxi to Jinzhai, along the highway through Nanjing Hefei and Lu'an road to the west.The bus was very stable, start early in the morning, a few hours down to the new city of Jinzhai county.After dinner went on, into the Meishan reservoir.

                Meishan reservoir is the new China followed by one of the large reservoirs built Foziling reservoir in the 1950's, the upstream dam built in the history of the river.When geography class read Pishihang Irrigation District, the original about it.Deep inside the brain light memory once again reminded, more cordial.



    &nbsp converse americane;           get in the door, the car to climb on the mountain road, until the top of the dam height.Get off on the viewing platform, overlooking the reinforced concrete arch dam, seems to be a tangent cylinder at a 45 degree angle together obliquely into the water, the river is dam history, the calm surface of the water is like a mirror, reflect the surrounding mountains and the blue sky overhead.










& nbsp;                   one side back water, dam is very tall and straight, and the dam upstream surface formed a sharp contrast.Clutching the railing, looking down, like a deep cave.Not be personally on the scene, it is difficult to speculate about the arched concrete dam upstream surface was a thick layer of the wall, the dam is hollow.The dam body, is the total installed capacity of 4 × 10MW power station, as is the dry season, the water reservoir is, not generating operation.




                go walking in the tourist corridor, enjoying the beautiful scenery, can not help an old southern Chinese words, the wind had sprung up, blow a library in autumn.I walk through the high crest, hand green landscape.

  &nbsp converse italia;         heard Turbine sound came from the distance, I saw a boat on the water.The stern to draw together the outward diffusion of the bellows, which in the sunshine seemed like pull air aircraft while performing general color of smoke.   

    &nbsp chapeaux Franklin Marshall baseball;      





                always think of to have a look in the base of Ba Xiongwei's posture, greets the tour guide Xiao Liu, hurried along the winding road to walk down the hill, but the mountain is only one, as long as the catch in the car down on the line.

                    out of a mountain road, seeing clearly demonstrated in front of the dam.However, Yama Kiki Maunsell, blocking the line of sight is more, can not see the panorama.Until the next station factory door, only to find the appropriate angle was only in the factory.No method, had to find the guard.The guard to see me alone, but also simply.Say, don't go inside, take a photo on the back, do not tell your friends, all the people were going in, can not cope with the.

&nbsp solde paul smith;               &nbsp perruque blond;   then, running to see the whole position, careful observation, taking photos at hand a few photos, immediately return.

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