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This affected the image of the things best not to do.

Style= "font-size:14px;" > ARIES:

friends, her life is my girlfriend, you listen to my mouth to advise or fist advised?


I can have dinner with the other boys, do you want to eat together with the other girls?Absolutely not!

dual character base:

jealous?The old vinegar?Mature vinegar?Vinegar?Vinegar?Why do I have to eat the sour vinegar?I don't eat dumplings with vinegar camicie Burberry brevi uomo!


and I will tie you in my belt.Closely.


jealousy is a good way to express love Surmatelas Protection grossiste, but I can't eat a lion, a loss of face.VIRGO:

you say!Why do you look at her?You tell me!Today does not say clearly acheter ralph lauren, you don't want to go anywhere!


is loss of bearing behavior.What will people think of me?Her boyfriend will not be offensive?This affected the image of the things best not to do.

Scorpio: I was jealous of her

she ate my vinegar!However, she is not a normal phenomenon I will get jealous!


I hear you Robes de cocktail Pas Cher......To be honest, don't I'll screw you!CAPRICORN:

he didn't love me?He really doesn't love me?I'm going to drink!Aquarius:

like you to my boyfriend converse alte. Well, I really want to thank you for helping me care about him, do you think I gave him the sweater on a sleeve, could you help me finish it solde cravate Lv?Pisces:

you dare slightly special line, I will drown you in tears!

.... I think is quite accurate. You say?

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