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whether I love is a luxury in the future

Style= &quot polo ralph lauren;font-size:14px scarpe donne Hogan stivali;&quot camicia La Martina; &gt Louboutin à Bout Ouvert; finally let tears no longer flow easily down

finally put your feelings for me to see the

time only to decide that the

but I love has been painful buried

finally put my missing for you up

finally let the memories slowly disappeared in the crowd

finally only to the past good bey

my heart has been blown into a blank

love and don't love is so helpless

whether I love is a luxury in the future

don't say to me all over again

I will close your eyes listening to the arrangement of the day

love and don't love also to say that the

doesn't take me into the bottomless cliff

heart already know love will not come back to

my world leaving only the pain remains

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