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3. vendetta

Style= "font-size:14px;" &gt Robes de Mariée; 1 cut wrist

rumors, cut wrist, lying in the bathtub filled with warm water, not 3 minutes, blood will flow.

Dutch act attempted crime is a very shameful thing, a lot of follow-up.

so, looking for an empty time.

of course, is sure to wear clothes.

^ ^

2. hanged hanged ghosts, tongue extension, bulging eyes, his face twisted together.

ugly dead.Death is very painful.----

3. vendetta

cool ah ~ press that pistol switch?(what Robinet bidet? Is a professional terminology)Die down.

however, serious doubts Lunettes de soleil Burberry pas cher, not pressed, they just fainted.The main

, pistol, this kind of thing, are you?


take a knife stabbed.

intestines outflow.Nausea cravatta Armani uomo.

5. jump off building process of

jump off building rather cool, but not dead didn't jump.

died that expression can scare them to death.

in this way, the building became the haunted house.

6. yaoshe suicide

I once tried.

a result robe de cocktail bustier, even the taste buds are bite it off.


he was strangled, not his.

I did not test.

8. euthanasia

killed this way good ~

however, when sleeping pills to buy as proof.

will not be sold to children.

9. drowning in swimming pool drowning, really poor swimming pool manager.

probably nobody want to drown in the gutter.

10 vestito sposo. with bean curd killed

for as long as you hit the dead.

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