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nobuharu brother

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nobuharu brother, but have eternal life.Spring brother with you.Chun light, shining on every one of his followers; prophet gives us inspiration, let us have the power.Brother to punish any insult to his sex, Work the stick into the hole. spring integrity of any reward, people who dare to fight evil forces, gently stroked his chrysanthemum.

Chun loved his followers, as the love of Athena chrysanthemums.Spring brother hated idiotic Lunettes de soleil Dior, any idiotic, all the holy man will be light blinded eyes, ears, after death into hell, the inhuman torture chrysanthemum.Any person, even if man, can not be pure, because the brother said chapeaux Lv, I am.Jesus, after the death of God; believe Buddha, after his death; believe spring elder brother, over the state of resurrection after death.


spring brother pure man, real man.         
one year old can kill, three aircraft.         
five years driving a tank, six years of age to wear armor.         
four environment hundred miles Chuan Chun, everyone try and fear.         
if you ask a man who the enemy?One hand was surprised!         
ten years of practicing martial arts, twelve practice.         
fifteen understand the power generation, blink hundreds of watts.         
muscular power, be in high and vigorous spirits shock the world.         
if asked how strong spring?Unbend arms through train!         
nineteen practice racing, follow the Rockets running.         
twenty men die without descendants, foot.         
spring brother is to play, Brazil and Germany both surrender.         
if the husband asked how much power?Out-breath tornado!         
thirty includes, slaughtered round eyes.         
forty hi endorsement, the British library.      &nbsp camicie Dsquared uomo;  
Yu chun-waving made the universe, all things to worship the hero.      &nbsp polo ralph lauren;  
if you ask how much power?Jesus Buddha from three points!         
fifty the world, sixty realms.         
seventy one gnash one's teeth, though the ground fissure.&nbsp borse ed hardy;        
feel the boundless power of loneliness, self-inductance Jianghu retirement boring.&nbsp chemise burberry;        
would silence at Castle Peak, the mountain beast all moan.         
spring from the myth, through story Chuan bes      
looking to spend piles of China, the thousands of chrysanthemum sequential open.     
a princess chrysanthemum burst, no one is known to the spring of columbia.

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