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the protein can't eat too much

Style= "font-size:14px;" > sometimes paul smith borse, even if you pay great attention to health, the bad smell wafted from time to time or.Therefore, the United States of America "prevention" magazine wrote an article pointing out that, due to a variety of body odor, eat right, wrong ceinture diesel, wrong in washing are likely to make you a bad smell.

take a shower rub not clean Coussin et oreiller grossiste.Axillary, skin fold, toe joint hidden parts is not easy to contact air, easy to cause the fungi and bacteria produce odor.The best take a shower after blow-drying.

spicy food.Curry powder, garlic and other pungent spices can cause bad breath, digestion will produce gas containing sulfide, are absorbed into the bloodstream, and then through the pores, lung emissions, produce odor.

don't brush the tongue.The tongue hundreds of papillae and accumulation of food residues, bacteria easy to provoke, produce hydrogen sulfide odor.With a tongue scraper, when brushing the tongue, containing tea tree oil toothpaste is the solution.

working pressure cravatta Hermes uomo.The human body very sensitive, pressure will make people sweat a lot, in order to maintain a constant body temperature occhiali da sole Versace.To maintain peace of mind and helps eliminate peculiar smell.

dietary fiber, eat more.Some bacteria can release hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane decomposition smell in the fiber, and then excreted.Eat high fiber foods, drink plenty of water, fiber can easily pass through the digestive system.Similarly, the protein can't eat too much, otherwise your breath will smell like "nail polish".

snoring at night.Snoring dry mouth, dead cells continuously in the tongue, teeth and the inside of the cheek accumulation and decay, early in the morning and bad breath.Don't drink alcohol before bed, get up in the morning can use acid lemon juice gargle.

eats too fast.Eating too fast easy to swallow excess air, the body will release to burp and fart form.So to eat do not eat like wolves and tigers, also do not eat in anxiety, pressure.

dandruff.When the hair too much oil will produce a lot of dandruff, smell unpleasant smell.You can choose some containing zinc pyrithione (decomposition of dandruff shampoo dandruff), serious person to consult a doctor.

in the menstrual period converse bambina.Ovulating women body temperature will rise half a degree, to stimulate the sweat discharge.Wearing cotton underwear helps sweat volatile.

often chew gum.Sorbitol and other sweeteners will not be completely digested, they decompose in large intestine will produce gas, and even induced diarrhea.Mint tea can "soothe" tension in the digestive tract, relieve symptoms.(Feng Guochuan)


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