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is a little big

Style= "font-size:14px;" > a landlord to visit a tribal chief. Say, you go from here to the west, to make a mark, as long as you can come back before sundown polo burberry homme, from here to mark that you are in between.

the sun, the landlord did not go back, because too far, he exhausted on the road.

greedy people do not go back, because of greed. But in real life there are some people, they are not corrupt chaussures dolce gabbana homme pas cher, but also do not come back. Here is a story make me on the spot.

had a wife to nail a painting in the living room chemise dior, ask him to help. Mr.. Fu has been painted on the wall, ready to drive a nail, he said: "this is not good, the best nail two pieces of wood, hang a picture." She followed his advice, let him find pieces of wood.

wood soon found, was about to nail, he said: "wait a minute, is a little big, best can cut off the point." They go everywhere saw. To get a saw, not the two saw, &quot paul smith pas cher;no, this is too blunt saw," he said, "I have to wear it a mo."

he has a file at home, use a file, he found did not file handle. In order to handle file placement, he went to the edge of the Bush for the trees on campus. To cut a small tree, he found his life full of old rust is not an ax. He had to wear knife stone, in order to fix the Mo stone knife, must make several fixed wear knife stone wood. So he went to the school to find a carpenter, said his carpenter ready-made. However, this a walk, never see him back. Of course, the painting, or the wife side of a nail to nail it to the wall. The lady went to the street to look for his husband, found that he was helping a carpenter from the hardware store to carry heavy electric saw.

says: there are many kinds do not go back to the people in work and in life. They think to do one thing, to do one thing before, to do one thing before, we must have more to do in front. They swim against the stream, the bottom roots, until the original purpose to clean out completely forgotten Polo Ralph Lauren Femme. This appears to be bustling about, look like a hard, in fact, they do not know in busy anything. At first, people may know, but once busy, really do not know what busy chemise paul smith pas cher.