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do you not noticed

Style= "font-size:14px;" > the first step of

: hello.

    &nbsp franklin marshall pas cher;   sales sales personnel should close to the customer must first of all to do is of course to greet customers.

&nbsp cravate homme Hermes;     &nbsp burberry chemise femme; Hello, should pay attention to three points, warmly, eyes, smile.

        first warmly.

        do you not noticed, in the initiative to greet with others will definitely be that greet each other with warm enthusiasm, indifferent to greet others will get cold response, so we are greeting clients must be warmly for the first.Your enthusiasm will affect customer mood.

        second points of attention.

        with the attention focused on the other side of the eye, this will give the customer a shock will make customers heart produce close to you, some people think it's impolite especially salesman in the face of female customers, I can tell you this t shirt ed hardy homme, you want to be completely mistaken.Say the truth is very simple, a personal enthusiasm to greet you and you found that his eyes are God's staring at you as if talking, your mind will be what kind of?

        one is curious, this is how people look at me like that.

        two is nervous and a little scared (this intense fear will let others can control your thoughts in a few minutes), have a sense of urgency, a sense of urgency to make you nervous party mess, be at a loss what to do, you may accept his arrangement at.

        three is to feel excited and began to produce good opinion to this person (which is why beauty are generally easy to be bold person after short time).Sluggish, scattered eyes will have the opposite effect to you.Here I not say as long as you look for an individual test you will understand.

        third must have a sincere smile.

        sincere smile will narrow the distance between you and the customer, will look to each other for the slightest cause nervous and afraid to respect and psychology to rely on you.

        the second step: to introduce myself.

        whether strange customer or rally met customer you are not forgotten in the greeting to introduce yourself to strengthen memory system customer.Introduce themselves also should pay attention to three points, simple, clear, self-confidence.One is to simple, simple introduction not only can let customers suddenly understand you will for you the following sales work leave enough time, there is a simple customer is the most easy to remember, a customer to remember you, he may give you introduced to more customers, but also is beneficial to the establishment and customer in the future transaction.The two is to make clear, why to know I think not everyone understand.Three is the self-confidence, self-confidence is the most important, confidence can affect not only your own can control the customer.

        the third step: products.

        introducing the product 1, the customer hand products on, let the customer participation experience product, it would make him feel the product is already his, and then suddenly from the customer hand back of products for customers to have a sense of loss.

        1, good at using the sense of loss: appropriate to give each other a sense of loss, will make the other side lost and can not be reconciled, so that your sales activities more smoothly.

        2 sac longchamp solde, the product must be concise, clear.Try to use the customer understand the language introduced products, preferably not allow customers to listen to professional terms do not understand.

        3, fried hot price requirements, sincerely, with eyes looking at the customer to understand each other's psychological activities.Fourth step:


        a, transaction action requires professionalization and specialization will be just perfect, make each other feel his purchase decision is right.

        two, the customer would like to understand the problem, and fast answers to deal with the problem, don't let the customer have the thinking too much opportunity, different asked or too much will not only make you act with confusion broke sales process will let the customer concerns more and more so that you can not control, shake the customer purchase determination.

        three, to use a hypothesis -- assuming transaction, assuming the use, for.Let the customer feel the product is already his.

        the fifth step: to clinch a deal.

        follow up a victory with hot pursuit, seize the other purchase motivation, stimulate their desire to purchase again.Make good use of the sense of ownership: a sense of ownership will make the other side infinite meet, thus forget his pay.To do this it may strengthen the customer faith can't regret buying your product.

    &nbsp sac a main michael kors;   as long as you follow the above steps will own the sales of the products of decomposition, repeated practice I believe we can do a terminal marketing.

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