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Best Beach Hotels In Goa

Panaji is a famous destination of the state. It is known for its beaches, scenic beauty, churches, carnival and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Vasco-da-Gama is another popular destination where you can enjoy several attractions like beaches, caves, museum and churches. Margao, Arambol and Canacona are the other must-visit tourist places of Goa.

The Goa carnival, a three-day fest, had its birth in Goa during the era of King Momo. One can find a lot of excitement bubbling across Goa,in the month of February,as Goa is dressing up for the carnival festivities. This carnival is celebrated just before the Lent season (Lent is the period of fasting and penance in the Christian calendar and corresponding somewhat to the Mohammedan fast before Ramzan Id),that usually starts off on Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday) and concludes on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)-the eve of Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the season of Lent. So one can say that this is basically celebrated before going into the rigrous fasting, the whole of Goa gets into the carnival mood or the party mood.

Located on the west coast of India, the cities of Goa Hotels are known for their exceptional charm and appeal everyone. Hotels in Goa were once famous as the remnants of the hippies. Even after them, the attractiveness of cities in Goa Luxury Hotels breathes away tourists. Hotels in Goa are divided into two districts North Goa Hotels in the capital city of Panaji and South goa hotels, with places like the Basque da Gama and Margao. The cities in Goa Hotels are dotted with colonial structures, smiling people, live music, colorful festivals and beaches. The attraction of Hotels in Goa is equally distributed in all the cities of Goa Hotel Packages.

In the past couple of decades this state has seen a boost in tourism which has resulted in the increased number of hotels and lodgings in this region. But don't count on the number of hotels and be assured of getting the reservations on time.

Dabolim is the main entry point for Goa situated at a distance of about 29 km from Panaji on the Basque coast near da Gama. Most domestic airlines operate in Goa apart from chartered private airlines operating from the UK and Germany.

Goa is stunningly beautiful place for the travelers. With a lot many attractions, Goa beaches are famous world wide. Visitors from all over the globe come to the exotic beaches of Goa and have an exciting time her winding out in sun, sand and sea. The number of Water sports that these beaches offer are another center of attraction. The adventure travelers, the honeymooners, the family persons the businessmen all have a great memorable time in Goa. The beach resorts of Goa are even more exciting like many other things. Do check in any of the beach resort and be pampered by the world class services.

Goa is home to many accommodation options ranging from budget to five star luxury hotels and beach resorts to exotic. Those who want to relax and feel comfortable; Goa is the place for them.

To book a hotel in Goa that fits in your requirements, you can do an online search. There are websites where you will find huge database of hotels in the state. You just have to click the search button after populating the field and they will produce the list of hotels that satisfy the criteria. You can book any hotel you are satisfied with.