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but also to the interests of consumers seriously affected

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focus on service market brand banner

Audio-Technica (Audio-Technica) has been committed to product and technology leading to continuously enhance the consumer experience of music. Audio-Technica headphones for its fashion design, superb quality in the majority of music lovers in a excellent reputation. However, driven by interests, all kinds of smuggled goods, counterfeiting headset market disruption, which not only affects the headphone manufacturers, but also to the interests of consumers seriously affected, and even serious damage to the health of users. At the same time, unscrupulous businessmen to seek high profits, the smuggled goods Maillot de foot Millionarios de Bogota, counterfeit products posing as licensed sales, such immoral behavior is also lower rail triangle brand image in the minds of users.

now network fake, factory goods, rampant wantonly smuggled goods, serious impact on the network consumption market order and safeguard the interests of consumers, for the vast number of consumers with a safe online shopping platform, Audio-Technica official on Taobao (taobao.com) network authorization store again unified shop decoration and specification (V03) edition set.

2009 is the electronic commerce as a new business power is the rapid development, online shopping has become the mainstream of mainstream way of life. Is the competitiveness of the industry the rapid upgrading, electronic commerce becomes more and more social and economic value of the year, played an important role in the financial crisis in the electronic commerce to solve the employment, in stimulating domestic demand Vente de boucles d\'oreilles Cartier, to help small and medium-sized enterprises in transition. The development of electronic commerce makes online shopping has gradually become the mainstream of society consumption patterns, are genuine goods at a fair price, the net goods so that consumers really enjoy the benefits Nuisette sexy gorssiste. However, the electronic commerce platform also appeared in some non integrity management, a handful of fake and shoddy goods, lack of malignant credit these fake and shoddy commodity to exist for a long time on the Chinese consumer market also began to appear in the network platform, greatly damaged the interests of consumers and brand the interests of manufacturers, hindered in good faith based, transparent electronic commerce new commercial civilization development. Therefore the triangle rail (Audio-Technica) called for the vast number of consumers to safeguard their own interests at the same time, more to be added to the ranks of the gravity is false, hitting consumer market bad behavior.

Audio-Technica (Audio-Technica) in 2010 to a higher level and more, also can be the maximization of service, so that every consumer rights and interests effectively and maximize the protection. Fully tap the market demand, deepen the service consciousness, establish service standard cravatta Armani, in order to win the consumers give affirmation. In the future, Audio-Technica (Audio-Technica) firm "integrity first, service first" principle, establish brand banner, to create high quality and efficient services and make unremitting efforts Literie discount.

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